Plaid's 'Team Sir Gâr' welcomes delegates to Llanelli conference


Plaid Cymru's 'Team Sir Gâr' is today welcoming candidates and supporters to Llanelli on the eve of the party's annual Spring Conference at the 'Ffwrnes' theatre.

Helen Mary Jones (Assembly candidate and former Llanelli AM), Simon Thomas AM (Carmarthen West candidate) and Adam Price (Carmarthen East & Dinefwr candidate and former MP) hailed the party's last conference before the Assembly election as a 'pivotal event' and said that it provided an exciting opportunity to share Plaid Cymru's ambitious and innovative programme for government.

Helen Mary Jones also revealed that a Plaid Cymru mini-manifesto for Carmarthenshire is due to be unveiled in conjunction with the party's national manifesto next month, outlining how the party aims to improve public services, boost the economy and better connect communities throughout the county.

Speaking ahead of Conference in Llanelli, local Assembly candidate Helen Mary Jones said:

"Llanelli is somewhere that is very close to my heart and I am delighted that Plaid Cymru candidates and supporters will be gathering here for Conference tomorrow.

"This election provides an exciting opportunity for Plaid Cymru to put our programme for government to the people of Wales and persuade them that we are the best party to end 17 years of Labour decline.

"Alongside Simon Thomas and Adam Price in Carmarthen West and East, I hope that the people of Llanelli will once again put their faith in me to represent them as part of a strong 'Team Sir Gâr', dedicated to serving this great county and all who live here."

Plaid Cymru AM and Assembly candidate for Carmarthen West, Simon Thomas added:

"Carmarthenshire made history 50 years ago in electing Plaid Cymru's first Member of Parliament, Gwynfor Evans. Carmarthenshire can make history once again by electing a formidable team of Plaid Cymru representatives - 'Team Sir Gâr' - with the vision, ideas and determination to put this county first.

"Next month we will be launching Plaid Cymru's mini-manifesto for Carmarthenshire - ambitious policies driven by our shared principles and ideas for how we can improve public services, boost the economy and better connect communities throughout the county.

"Before that, I look forward to the next few days where we will be holding engaging debates and discussions about Plaid Cymru's programme for government to improve people's lives in all parts of Wales."

Adam Price, Assembly candidate for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr and former MP for the constituency, said:

"Like the rest of Wales, both urban and rural, Carmarthenshire needs a government that understands the needs of its citizens, with elected representatives drive by the desire to improve the lives of those they serve.

"The achievements of Plaid Cymru's leadership of Carmarthenshire County Council over the last ten months - after 12 years of Labour at the helm - is testament to our dedication to the county and its people.

"Our plan for Carmarthenshire will have five key pillars - health, education, transport, economy and connectivity - and will bring about meaningful change for those who live here. I look forward to its publication and the many conversations it will spark throughout the county between now and 5 May."

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