Plaid warn Labour MPs – don’t help Johnson deliver ‘Thatcherism on steroids’


Labour MPs who vote for Boris Johnson’s so-called Brexit deal should be kicked out of their party, Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards MP has said.

With the numbers finely balanced for tomorrow’s crucial vote on Boris Johnson’s so-called Brexit deal, there is concern that Labour MPs could work with the Conservative Government to deliver Brexit.

Plaid Cymru has worked with other opposition parties, including Labour, to vote against previous Brexit deals and to block a no deal exit from the EU.

Ahead of tomorrow’s vote Mr Edwards said if it is Labour votes that take the deal over the line, it will be as much their fault as the Tories.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“No right minded MP would vote to make their constituents poorer, that is what voting for this deal would do.

“It opens the door to future trade deals involving the NHS and is even weaker than the last Brexit deal on food standards, workers’ rights and environmental protection. If it is Labour votes that deliver a victory for the Prime Minister on Saturday, they should be immediately kicked out of the party. It would be like voting for Thatcherism on steroids.

“Labour’s dithering over whether or not to back a People’s Vote continues to create chaos for those of us that believe in a European future for our nations. The idea that it could be Labour votes that hands Boris Johnson victory is as depressing as it is unsurprising.

“The will be as culpable as the Conservatives if it’s their support that delivers this awful Brexit deal, that we know will cost people their jobs and wages.”

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