Teach LGBT Welsh history in schools


Welsh LGBT history should be taught in schools says Plaid. 

Plaid Cymru shadow minister for education and the Welsh language, Sian Gwenllian AM, called for the teaching of Welsh history in schools to include aspects of Wales’ LGBT history.
February is LGBT history month in the UK.
Stonewall’s teachers report (2014) shows that more than a third (37 per cent) of primary school staff in Wales say their school does not allow them to teach about lesbian, gay and bisexual issues and almost half (47 per cent) don’t know if they are allowed.
Sian Gwenllian AM and Plaid Cymru shadow minister for education and Welsh language said,
“We will soon see the first draft of the Welsh Government’s new education curriculum for Wales - and with it a brand new relationships and sexuality education which should focus on inclusive LGBT education. Welsh LGBT history must be a part of that new curriculum. We need LGBT education but we also need LGBT Welsh history. 
“I have previously called on the Education Minister to make the teaching of Welsh history a statutory requirement for every school in Wales and for it to be included on the face of the bill of the new curriculum. That Welsh history must include all history – including Wales’s LGBT history.
“From Cranogwen, Gloria Jenkins and Jan Morris to Terrence Higgins, John Davies and Wena Parry, Wales’ LGBT history is as rich as it is colourful. These are all icons who have shaped Welsh history and it must be passed on.
“Scotland is already ahead of the rest of Europe in terms of implementing LGBTI inclusive education thanks to the success of the Tie campaign. There must be legislative requirement for LGBT inclusive education to be delivered in all schools in Wales along with dedicated, free teacher training focussing specifically on LGBT issues and on homophobic bullying.
“Wales’ new curriculum must be reflective and representative of all of our citizens.

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