A real living wage is the first step to making work “fair and decent”


Plaid Cymru has welcomed the publication of the Matthew Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices but says it does not go far enough.

The party says the first step to making work in the UK economy "fair and decent”, as it is put in the report, is to ensure all employees are paid a genuine living wage.

The party’s work and pensions spokesperson, Hywel Williams, welcomed the report despite it not going far enough. He particularly welcomed the report’s recommendation that workers on zero hour contracts should be allowed to request fixed hours.

Plaid Cymru has campaigned consistently calling on the Welsh Government to ban compulsory zero-hour contracts and has forced a vote on seven separate occasions. All votes were defeated as the Labour Party failed to support Plaid Cymru’s efforts.

Plaid Cymru’s DWP spokesperson, Hywel Williams said:

“The report makes some welcome proposals that, if implemented, would represent a major step forward in making work fair and decent, as the report claims to aim to do.

“I am pleased that the report recommends allowing workers on zero-hour contracts to request fixed hours but this should go further – nobody should be forced to work on zero hour contracts.

“Zero hours contracts should be the exception, allowed only if both parties freely agree. We have forced a vote in the National Assembly on seven separate occasions to scrap compulsory zero hours contracts. Sadly, the Labour Party failed to support us every time.

“The main failing of the report is that it doesn’t go far enough on wages. Plaid Cymru has long campaigned for the introduction of a real living wage to lift people out of in-work poverty. The taxpayer should not be subsidising poverty wages through the tax credit system.

“This is a matter of economic common sense. People who are paid properly are more productive. People now on low income would have more money to spend in their local economies. This would bring down the welfare bill and the one sided dependency which all agree is undesirable.”

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