Tata Merger: Emergency summit and Alternative strategy now a “matter of urgency”


Plaid’s Bethan Sayed AM urges FM to convene an emergency summit to draw up sustainable long term plan to safeguard future of Welsh steel.

Responding to the news today that Tata's merger with Thyssenkrupp is set to fail, Plaid Cymru’s Bethan Sayed and AM for South Wales West said, 

“Plaid Cymru have consistently warned that proposed merger was not a sustainable and secure basis upon which to plan and protect the Welsh steel industry. 

“We are urging both the company’s management and the Labour Welsh Government to develop an alternative strategy accordingly.

“The developments today have underlined the need now for this alternative strategy to be developed as a matter of urgency.

“We call on the First Minister to convene an emergency summit of all parties including unions, management, and both Welsh and UK Governments to draw up a sustainable long term plan to safeguard and develop the future of the Welsh steel industry.

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