Adam Price writes to Carwyn Jones urging Welsh Government to take clear position on Brexit ahead of Assembly vote


Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price has written to First Minister Carwyn Jones following his confirmation in the Senedd yesterday that AMs will get a meaningful vote on the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement, which will be held before the vote in Westminster.

Mr Jones said that the motion would consider ‘the need for there to be options on the table that do not exclude any option’.

Plaid Cymru’s concerns were reinforced after the First Minster’s comments to the BBC today saying that the motion will seek to attract the “broadest support possible” and will include reference to “all options being on the table”.

In a letter to the First Minister, Plaid leader Adam Price expressed his concern that a neutral motion will be presented setting out options rather than offering a clear Welsh Government position.

Mr Price argues that the people of Wales have a right to know where their government stands on the most momentous issues of the day and that Welsh Government has a duty to make its voice heard.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM’s letter says:

“The ambiguous and equivocal nature of these words have left me concerned that the Welsh Government will once again simply put forward a neutral motion, noting the options that are available without taking a clear position.

 “The Welsh Government should clearly state its position on three principle issues. 

“First of all, whether you remain in favour of Wales and the whole of the UK remaining inside the EU Single Market and Customs Union.

 “Secondly, the Welsh Government should state whether it believes that Article 50 should be extended.

 “Thirdly, there is the question of a People’s Vote. The public have a right to know whether your government proactively and explicitly supports this particular proposition.

 “Bland statements simply listing the options are available will no longer suffice. Governments are not elected in order to be dispassionate spectators of historical events, they are meant to be active participants in shaping them.

“It is time for Welsh Government to offer clarity by taking a clear political position on the most momentous issues of our time.”


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