Plaid Cymru statement on the latest events in Syria


Following the cruise missile strike on the Syrian military by the United States, Plaid Cymru reiterates that a diplomatic solution to the Syrian civil war must be found by the main parties to the conflict.

The US strikes follow a chemical weapons attack which killed at least 80 people in Khan Sheikhoun. Regardless of the dispute between the various powers over who was responsible, Plaid Cymru condemns all such attacks on civilians, and also the less widely reported deaths of civilians from conventional weapons. The only solution to reduce and then end this violence is to bring about a comprehensive peace process, requiring the buy-in of the United States and Russia, and the other countries which have intervened in Syria. The future of President Assad and his regime should be decided by this mutually agreed peace process.

Plaid Cymru notes that several of the regional and global powers have already intervened in Syria. At least four states have conducted bombing campaigns on Syria, and several others are involved in sponsoring proxies and militias. This is a conflict already defined by substantial outside intervention.

The role of the UK should therefore be to contribute to a diplomatic solution. Plaid Cymru MPs stand ready to discuss any proper peace plan at Westminster and would support any UK efforts to facilitate diplomacy, whilst being aware that any solution is likely to require the consent of the United States and Russia. Plaid Cymru, as is the party’s consistent position, does not support the UK joining military action in Syria. In the absence of a proper plan, such action would only fan the flames of war and prevent the warring sides from being reconciled.

The international community has a responsibility to forge a diplomatic solution and produce a route map to peace.

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