Remembrance Sunday


Commemorating Remembrance Sunday, the leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood said:

“On Remembrance Sunday, we remember the millions who have lost their lives in conflicts all over the world.

“It is also an opportunity to pay tribute to all forces veterans and those who continue to risk their lives today.

“War continues to devastate the lives of so many people all over the world. Let us think of those suffering in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq, whose lives have been ruined by the destruction of war. These countries are among a much longer list of countries which are experiencing heart-breaking suffering as a result of war.

“I, like many others, am troubled by the growing tide of racism and xenophobia we are seeing all over the world – including in Wales. In light of this, we should especially think of the service men and women who gave their lives in the fight to defeat fascism during the 1930s and 1940s. We must never forget what those people died for, and we should pledge never to allow the mistakes in history to repeat themselves.

“Today should not be used as a justification of war. Rather, let us unite in remembrance of all those wasted lives, and promise to work together for a more peaceful world.”

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