Customs Union and Single Market an "economic necessity" for Wales


Responding to the statement by the EU that northern Ireland will remain in the Customs Union and Single Market, Plaid Cymru's Brexit spokesperson, Hywel Williams said:

"If northern Ireland stays within the EU's Single Market and Customs Union, it becomes an economic necessity for Wales to be given the same deal.

"Creating a hard border between Wales and Ireland would put devastating pressure on Wales's external border, and grind our ports to a halt, including the UK's second busiest port in Holyhead.

"Leaving the Single Market and Customs Union would wipe up to £5 billion off the Welsh economy and it is families, businesses and farmers that will pay that price with tumbling wages and soaring cost of living.

"Westminster can't have it both ways - with frictionless trade with the EU and an open border in Ireland while at the same time leaving the Single Market and Customs Union. It's crunch time for Mrs May. She has to show some leadership and show the door to the Brexit obsessives in her party."

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