Sian Gwenllian AM issues a rallying call ahead of local government elections.


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member and shadow minister for Local Government Sian Gwenllian today called on activists at the party’s spring conference to hold onto their core values of putting Welsh communities first.


She emphasised to delegates that the Welsh national interest remains her party’s number one priority, in whichever part of Wales they represent. 

Sian Gwenllian, Plaid Cymru AM for Arfon, said:

“We must hold onto our core values as a party. We demand that justice and equality wins the day; we demand that Wales will not suffer. We demand fair play for everyone that lives here.”

“Hywel Williams, MP for Arfon and thousands of people across Wales demanded justice for one of our residents - Shiromini from Bangor. As a student she was about to be deported from our country under a completely flawed immigration system - but there was a last minute change of mind - thanks to the power of thousands people who protested - led by a  determined Hywel.”

As she addressed the conference a few weeks before the council elections, Plaid Cymru’s Sian Gwenllian highlighted the success of Plaid politicians in delivering for local communities across Wales.

“Plaid Cymru politicians are champions of their local communities.

“Many people have lost faith in politics and politicians - but the people of Wales know that local Plaid Cymru politicians work with communities to improve them.

“Plaid led councils provide excellent local services - despite the lack of money due to the cuts imposed upon us. The facts speak for themselves.  Your child will have a better education in a Plaid council, the environment is respected in Plaid councils.

“To protect the weakest and most vulnerable, Gwynedd Council has successfully secured extra care housing developments in three communities.

“Ceredigion has the best recycling results in Wales. And in terms of education, this is the only local authority in Wales to be judged as "excellent" by Estyn.”

“The democratic layers closest to the people are more important than ever in light of the loss of faith in politics.”

“Community, town and county councils are the democratic building blocks– the key building blocks for building a stronger Wales.

 "Let's go out to persuade on the door step, persuading people in Wales to send a message to those who govern in a bubble at Cardiff Bay – you are not good enough! Persuading people in Wales to send a message to the Westminster elite - you understand nothing about the lives of ordinary people and care nothing about Wales."
  "Our job is to convince people that there’s a better way forward. Together we can create a stronger Wales for our families and our children. "

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