UK must follow US and terminate arms sales to Saudi Arabia


Plaid Cymru responds to reports that US has halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Responding to reports that the United States is terminating some sales of military arms to Saudi Arabia, Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Group Leader, Hywel Williams MP, said:

“Plaid Cymru has long campaigned for the UK Government to halt its arms dealings with Saudi Arabia and our work in the past has exposed the UK Government for training Saudi forces involved in human rights atrocities.

“I am pleased that the Obama administration has finally taken the right decision and it is imperative now that the UK Government follows suit and immediately terminates its own arms dealings with the repressive and undemocratic regime.

“Innocent civilians are being killed in Yemen by bombs made in Britain. It is intensely hypocritical of Westminster to talk of the pain and suffering by civilians across the Middle East as it continues to prop up regimes of this sort.

“People are being killed as a result of indiscriminate bombing on civilian targets by the Saudi-led coalition using weapons supplied to them by the UK Government.

“The UK must immediately follow the United States and terminate its arms dealings with Saudi Arabia.”

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