Rail franchise bidding war reveal Labour’s manifesto betrayal: Plaid Cymru


More Labour broken manifesto promises

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has highlighted more of Labour’s broken manifesto promises as it abandons its aspirations for a not for profit railway.
Leanne Wood said that despite committing to a “new, not for profit rail franchise”, the shortlist for the next rail franchise is made up of exclusively private sector companies who could operate the service for profit.
This is not the first time that the Labour government in Wales has refused to implement manifesto commitments issues that are within its power:
• It has refused to lift the cap on the salaries of NHS workers
• It has raised tuition fees for students in Wales despite a manifesto commitment to scrap them
• It has failed to abolish zero hour contracts
• It has pursued an all-private shortlist for the rail franchise despite a manifesto commitment to public ownership.
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:
“This is yet another manifesto commitment that Labour has abandoned. On numerous occasions, Labour has committed to bringing railways into public ownership. Their Assembly election manifesto committed to a not for profit model. Yet today’s statement confirms an all-private sector shortlist for the next franchise.
“Over the last week, the Labour party has gone back on its manifesto commitment to scrap the NHS pay cap, and has raised tuition fee costs for students, going against their commitment to scrap them. Today, it’s its promises on trains that are being dismissed.
“The Labour government has little credibility when it comes to rail services. Trying to pass off some 30 year old trains as “delivering improvements” does not cut it for people who are fed up of being forced to use inadequate services. The electrification of the rail link to Swansea is a glimmer of hope that cannot be lost. The Welsh Government must ensure that there are no more delays to this project and must fight to make the case for Wales to receive the funding we deserve to invest in our rail services.”

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