Plaid Cymru statement on Westminster resignations


Following the resignation the Brexit Secretary and the Foreign Secretary from the UK Government, Plaid Cymru has issued a statement.

The party's leader in Westminster, Liz Saville Roberts MP said:

“Westminster is in crisis as a result of both main parties continuing to mislead the public towards thinking that we can somehow leave the EU, the Single Market and the Customs Union without giving up the benefits.

“The EU has made it perfectly clear that the UK cannot simply cherry-pick certain aspects over others. Either we stay in the Single Market and Customs Union, protecting people’s jobs, wages and standard of living, or we don’t.

“We are running out of time to find an agreement, and for the two main parties to continue to present delusion and fantasy as official party policy is deeply irresponsible. It’s time to come clean and commit to staying in the Single Market and Customs Union after we leave the EU.

“If neither the Tories nor Labour can come to that conclusion now then it is imperative that we seek an extension to the Article 50 process, to make sure we don’t fall out of the EU without a deal and cause irreparable harm to our country.”


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