Price: “Only Wales’ party can solve Wales’ problems”


As people across the UK go to the polls in the general election, Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM has made a final call for support to voters in Wales, saying that “only Wales’ party can solve Wales’ problems.”

Writing for Nation.Cymru, Mr Price has said that “what hangs in the balance today is not just the central question at the heart of this election about our future in Europe, but so much more: what kind of country do we want to be?”

Mr Price said that the Westminster parties had argued amongst themselves over Brexit for three and a half years, while Plaid Cymru has stood firmly against Brexit. He also drew attention to Boris Johnson’s failed and unlawful attempt to shut down parliament, and Jeremy Corbyn’s “shocking neutrality” on Brexit.

Plaid Cymru, meanwhile, had shown “the leadership our nation requires of us. We will never accept anything that would damage Wales, and that’s why we stand against Brexit”, said Mr Price.

Mr Price said that Plaid Cymru had set out an “ambitious blueprint” to end poverty, and make Wales a “zero-carbon and zero-waste country”, while neither Labour nor the Tories can be trusted to govern Wales in Westminster or Cardiff Bay.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM said:

“There is simply no use in putting our faith in either of the two big Westminster parties and expecting anything to change for Wales. Our nation has put our faith in them for generations, and we’re still at the bottom of every league table going.

“There is likewise no use in voting Labour to ‘keep the Tories out’. The dysfunction and inequity at the heart of British democracy means that Wales doesn’t decide who becomes Prime Minister.

“Voting Labour in Wales won’t stop Boris Johnson. But a vote for Wales’ party means sending the largest ever group of Plaid Cymru MPs to Westminster to fight for our country.

“So, today, let’s recognise the opportunity before us and seize it with both hands. Let’s vote for hope and ambition. Let’s vote for a better, brighter, European future for Wales. Let’s back Wales’ party.”

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