How to send your vote for Wales through the post in six steps...


Step 1

Check the contents carefully. Inside your postal voting pack, there should be:

  1. instructions about how to cast your votes and how to return them
  2. a postal vote statement
  3. two envelopes
  4. 3 ballot papers for the elections taking place (or more if you have a local by-election)

Step 2

Complete the postal vote statement carefully following the instructions.

Without your signature and date of birth on this statement your votes will not count.

Step 3

Complete your ballot papers, marking your support next to the Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales candidates.

Step 4

Put your ballot papers in the smaller envelope.

Step 5

Put your postal vote statement and the envelope containing your ballot papers in the bigger envelope, and seal it all up. Make sure the return address is clear.

Step 6

Return the postal vote envelope by 10pm on election day.  You can:

  1. a) Pop it in the post in plenty of time for delivery;
  2. b) Deliver it to your local council’s Elections Office;
  3. c) Hand it in to the polling station on election day.

You’ve now voted for Plaid Cymru and your postal voting is complete. 

What about telling your friends and family that you have voted?