Plaid secures major victory on EU Continuation Bill for Wales


Plaid Cymru has this evening won a major victory in the National Assembly by winning an amendment calling for an EU Continuation Bill for Wales.

The Plaid Cymru Assembly Group tabled the amendment to what it believed to be an inadequate motion by the Labour Welsh Government which simply noted the triggering of Article 50 and publication of the UK Government's Repeal Bill White Paper.

The amendment sought to bring forward a Continuation Bill in order to uphold Wales's constitution and convert into Welsh law all European regulations related to devolved policy areas.

Last week the UK Government White Paper outlined proposals that posed a threat to powers over matters already devolved to Wales.

Speaking after the vote, Party of Wales Leader Leanne Wood said:

"This is a major victory for Plaid Cymru and all those determined to prevent a major power grab by Westminster as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

"The Great Repeal Bill proposed by the UK Government threatens to ride roughshod over Wales's devolution settlement.

"There is a grave danger that it will undermine the democratic will of people in Wales, expressed at two referendums, supporting more powers for the Assembly.

"That is why Plaid Cymru has been steadfast in its support for an EU Continuation Bill designed to uphold Wales's constitution by converting into Welsh law all European regulations related to devolved policy areas to ensure that Westminster cannot impose new frameworks on us.

"Our amendment was tabled to the Labour Welsh Government's inadequate motion which simply noted the triggering of Article 50. This is just not good enough from a party in power who should be doing far more to protect Wales, its economy and its constitution from Brexit.

"It is now abundantly clear that there is only one party in Wales fighting against a hard Tory Brexit - that party is Plaid Cymru."

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