Plaid’s Westminster Leader attacks lack of meaningful Parliamentary business


Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP, has said that the lack of business in the House of Commons shows a “dereliction of duty” and “apathy for the chaos that the countries of the UK face.” 

With 39 days until the Westminster Government’s planned EU departure date of 29 March, the House of Commons will debate no primary legislation relating to Brexit this week. 

The Westminster Government has also failed to schedule the required ‘Meaningful Vote’ on any amended deal the Prime Minister strikes with the EU. 

Ms Saville Roberts said that the uncertainty created by continual delay is costing people their jobs and attacked the Prime Minister for “using prevarication as a political weapon.” 

The House of Commons is sitting this week as the Government chose to cancel a scheduled recess in light of the Brexit crisis. However, they have failed to bring forward key pieces of business relating to the UK’s exit from the EU in the House of Commons.

Instead, the House of Commons will consider 10 pieces of minor regulatory law, known as secondary legislation, and hold four non-binding ‘general debates’, three of which have no direct relevance to Brexit. 

The Plaid Cymru Westminster Leader emphasised that the topics that will be debated such as ‘serious violence’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ are of utmost importance. She questioned, however, whether a general debate format, in which a neutrally worded motion is discussed, with no legal effect, and the Government cannot be compelled to act, showed a lack of intention to do anything about them. 

It is understood that opposition parties will oppose a number of the pieces of secondary legislation that have been tabled for consideration this week.  

Commenting, Liz Saville Roberts MP said: 

“I couldn’t care less about recess being cancelled. I care a lot that whilst we are hurtling towards an era-defining-crisis the Government is failing to do anything about it. 

“Temporary delay has turned into indefinite deferral and now sequenced set-back. The House of Commons is being neutered by a Government that has retreated to parliamentary parlour games, rather than dealing with the real issues. 

“It is not MPs they are disrespecting by putting forward such a weak set of proposals. It is the people outside the Westminster bubble whose jobs are on the line thanks to this dithering Prime Minister. Companies in my constituency are closing as a result of the uncertainty. But instead of addressing the issues at hand, the Prime Minister continues to use prevarication as a political weapon in a transparent attempt to create a false choice between her dreadful deal and no deal. 

“Westminster is broken and it is people who will pay the price of this parliamentary paralysis. 

“That is not to mention the lack of legislation and action on the issues that continue to plague our communities, regardless of this Brexit mess. Issues like ‘serious violence’ and ‘anti-Semitism’, which deserve proper scrutiny, not the general debates we have this week. 

“This is a dereliction of duty from the Government. They are showing apathy for the chaos that the countries of the UK face thanks to the divisions in their own party.”

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