Plaid's Welsh Education Act will deliver for children, parents and teachers


At Plaid Cymru’s Spring Conference in the university city of Bangor, Sian Gwenllian AM, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for Education, announced a new Welsh Education Act, spearheaded by a Plaid Cymru Government in Cardiff in 2021.

Assembly Member for Arfon, Sian Gwenllian, announced Plaid Cymru has commissioned the former director of WJEC, Gareth Pierce, to set out the nucleus of a Welsh Education Act, ensuring that the Act works in a way to give Welsh citizens the right to Welsh medium education with the aim over time that Welsh language fluency become the norm in Wales.

Currently, half the parents of Wales want their children to receive Welsh language education, but there are only 20% of places available.

Outlining her plans for government in 2021, Sian Gwenllian AM said:

“Of the 196 secondary schools in Wales, pupils in around a hundred schools are underperforming. This is the result of twenty years of the Labour Party at the help. This is simply not good enough. 

“In our Welsh Education Act, Plaid Cymru will respect our teachers and school staff – after all, the key to raising standards is teachers in classrooms who can inspire children and young people.

“Under a Plaid Cymru Government, teaching will be an attractive profession to a new generation of young people in Wales. Wales now has new responsibilities for teachers’ working conditions and pay, and it will be Plaid Cymru in government in Cardiff who will use this opportunity to be radical.

“Times are changing and there is an increasing demand for Welsh medium education in all areas of Wales.

“In the Welsh Education Act, Welsh citizens will be given the right to Welsh medium education. Plaid Cymru is ready to take the next steps – so that the children of the next generations can develop to become confident bilingual individuals.

“A Government in Cardiff led by Plaid Cymru in 2021 can make these aspirations become reality.”

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