Call for Mark Drakeford to work with Plaid to make Wales' voice heard


Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price has written to the newly elected leader of the Labour party in Wales, Mark Drakeford, calling for him to work with Plaid Cymru to make sure that the will of the National Assembly for Wales is ‘respected’ following the vote to reject the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday.

Congratulating him on his election as the new leader of Labour in Wales, the leader of Plaid Cymru noted the ‘decisive decision’ by the Welsh Parliament to support the Plaid Cymru amendment to reject the UK Government’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. Mr Price highlights that the Plaid Cymru amended motion, passed in Cardiff Bay on Tuesday, calls for membership of the European Single Market and Customs Union and to extend Article 50.

Tuesday’s vote to reject the deal was made the National Assembly for Wales the first parliament in the UK to do so, with Holyrood following suit on Wednesday.

Mr Price stated that as party leaders they now have an ‘obligation’ to ensure that the resolution passed in the Senedd is delivered and offered Mr Drakeford the opportunity to meet to ‘ensure it is realised’.

Mark Drakeford does not back a People’s Vote. However, the Plaid Leader said in his letter that despite the disagreement on the need for a people’s vote to ratify any deal, it was important that the new Labour Leader works with Plaid Cymru to ‘avoid the dangers’ and ‘catastrophic consequences’ for Wales created by the Westminster Government’s Brexit agreement.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM’s letter says:

“This is a crucial time for our nation. Challenges of an unprecedented scale will need to be overcome in the coming months. None more so than our proposed exit from the European Union.

“In this fast moving political environment, clarity and consistency are critical. As Westminster moves towards the crucial and final key votes on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, we must ensure that Wales’ voice is heard. 

“As party leaders we now have an obligation to ensure that the resolution that was passed by our Senedd is delivered. 

“I therefore ask you as the new Labour party leader in Wales to work with Plaid Cymru to make sure the will of the National Assembly for Wales is respected. I would be happy to meet with you as a matter of priority to make sure this is realised.   

“Although our parties remain in disagreement on the need for a People’s Vote, I am sure it is in your interests as much as it is in mine that we do everything in our power to avoid the dangers and the catastrophic consequences that the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal could bring to the citizens of our nation.

“We must take this opportunity to stand up for Wales.

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