Plaid Cymru unveils economic plan for Powys


Plaid Cymru has published a discussion paper on the way forward for the economy in Powys.

The document will be launched at the Winter Fair in Llanelwedd later today. The paper makes 32 recommendations for action to boost the economy of Powys.

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Affairs, Plaid Cymru Mid and West Wales AM Helen Mary Jones said:

“We face a number of challenges in Powys including depopulation, a weak economy with many people in part-time employment and on low wages. 

“One of the essential sectors for our rural communities is agriculture, but the sector has faced immense pressure in recent years, which will be further compounded post Brexit. 

“As someone raised in my teenage years in Powys I often feel the county’s potential has been held back. I know many people are concerned that, with all the talk of City Deals, Powys is forgotten. 

“This is why Plaid Cymru Councillor Elwyn Vaughan and I are launching this policy paper called ‘Powys – the heart of Wales’ to refocus the way we look at the county’s economy.” 

One recommendation is for Powys County Council to make more of its farm estate. 

Party of Wales Assembly Member Helen Mary Jones added: 

“Powys has the largest local authority owned farm estate in Wales. With 11,000 acres and worth nearly £90m, it is a substantial asset. This estate should be seen as a valuable asset for Powys and therefore a clear economic strategy should be developed with a view of facilitating investment and to help agricultural businesses diversify.”

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