Plaid Cymru response to Cwm Taf independent report


Responding to the finding of the Cwm Taf independent review panel that “there is a very long way to go” before maternity services at the health board can be declared safe, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Health and Social Services Minister Helen Mary Jones AM said:

“That the panel has seen fit to report that maternity services at Cwm Taf are a long way from being declared safe should be a source of shame to the health minister.

“It’s been five months since we in Plaid Cymru were left with no choice but to table a motion of no confidence in the health minister. In the intervening months, one might have thought that he would have rolled his sleeves up to ensure swift action at Cwm Taf.

“And yet the health minister is content to be ‘encouraged’ that the need for change has been accepted. I have to say to him – the time for accepting the need for change has long gone. Now is the time for action. It’s what the families expect, and it’s what they deserve.

“As this report outlines, this particular health board has an enormous job of work to do. With Cwm Taf in special measures, it is quite literally the health minister’s job to get stuck in and help make the improvements that people expect.

“If he’s unable to do that, someone else should be given the opportunity to.”

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