Plaid Cymru put support for Newport businesses top of the agenda

Jonathan Clark visits Reseiclo Community Wood Recycling with Dafydd Wigley and Delyth Jewell

Plaid Cymru are putting Newport’s economy top of the agenda as they approach the April 4 by-election. That was Jonathan Clark’s message to voters as he visited Reseiclo Community Wood Recycling, a Newport based, not-for-profit social enterprise, with former Plaid Cymru leader, Lord Dafydd Wigley, and South Wales East Assembly Member Delyth Jewell today (Monday).

Newport is Wales’ third largest urban area but has seen its economy continually neglected by the Labour and Tory governments at both ends of the M4.
If elected as Newport West’s MP on Thursday, Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Clark has pledged to campaign for:
  • Transformative public transport reform for Newport, with a Metro that serves the city, not just Cardiff.
  • An end to plans for a destructive and wasteful M4 black route.
  • Proper, free parking solutions for the city centre to help local businesses and save the high street.
  • A Green Jobs Revolution for Newport, taking full advantage of the city’s natural resources and unique coastline.
Speaking following his visit, Jonathan Clark said “local businesses like Reseiclo are the backbone of Newport’s economy. The stronger these businesses are, the stronger Newport will be.
“Reseiclo Community Wood Recycling was set up in 2007 as a Social Enterprise and started collecting waste wood and selling timber and wooden items.
“They help the environment by saving as much wood as possible from going to landfill and help the local economy by giving jobs to local people.
“This kind of radical, community-focused project is exactly the kind of thing that can transform economies, communities, and individuals’ lives at a local level and is exactly the sort of thing we should all be supporting.
“We have an opportunity in Newport to be radical again, to transform our city’s fortunes, and to win a New Wales. That starts this Thursday, April 4, by voting Plaid Cymru.”

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