Plaid Cymru outlines key European election pledges


Plaid Cymru is today setting out its five key pledges to voters ahead of the European election on 23 May.

The party has said that its pledges – which span the People’s Vote, the environment, economy, young people, and migration – will make Wales matter.

Today (9 May) is Europe Day, when the EU celebrates the ‘peace and prosperity’ that the EU has brought to Europe.

Plaid has said that ‘that peace and prosperity has benefitted Wales enormously’, which is why it is standing on a pro-Remain platform.

Plaid Cymru’s sitting MEP and lead candidate Jill Evans said:

“Today is Europe Day, a day to celebrate the peace and prosperity within Europe that has been brought by the European Union.

“That peace and prosperity has benefitted Wales enormously, and that’s why Plaid Cymru is proudly standing in this election on a pro-Remain platform.

“The pledges we’re making to voters in this election are about making Wales matter. We are the only party whose one mission is to make our nation matter.

“The EU has done its bit in terms of investing in Wales. For generations, it’s Westminster that has ignored us, failing to invest in our communities.

“Our five key pledges to make Wales matter are all about saying: enough is enough. We demand a brighter, better future for Wales at the heart of Europe.”

You can read our pledges here.

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