Plaid Cymru outline alternative Queen’s Speech


Don’t expect any answers in Johnson’s campaigning Queen’s Speech

Plaid Cymru has unveiled an alternative Queen’s Speech, including bills to bring forward a final say referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU, a widespread green infrastructure investment programme and the devolution of policing.

The Westminster Government will deliver its legislative programme today (14 October), in the form of a Queen’s Speech.

Alongside these three key priorities in the alternative legislative agenda, the Party of Wales called for bills to equalise geographic inequality across the UK and create an Office for Fair Funding, a package of measures to help women affected by the state pension age increase, and a measure to ensure agricultural support is not cut.

Plaid Cymru Westminster Leader Liz Saville Roberts MP criticised the need for Monday’s Queen’s Speech, saying that it is “completely non-sensical” for a party calling for an election to set out a year’s worth of legislation.

The three key bills being called for by Plaid Cymru are:

  • A Final Say Referendum Bill – with Parliament in deadlock, legislation is required to take the decision on whether or not leave the EU, knowing what we know now, back to the people.
  • A Rebalancing Renewables Bill – establish a £20billion fifteen-year economic and public investment strategy that prioritises renewable energy, with the aim of rebalancing the UK economy and overarching objective to tackle the climate crisis.
  • A Devolution of Policing Bill – devolving policing to Wales will not only provide a cash injection – of around £25million – for Welsh police forces, but will also allow Wales to bring a better and more joined up service to the people of Wales in the way that best meets the needs of our communities.

Liz Saville Roberts MP said:

“Fundamentally calling for an election whilst at the same time outlining a year-long – or perhaps multi-year – programme of legislation is completely non-sensical.

“That said, we are having a Queen’s Speech. It will fail, however, to answer the biggest question facing the four nations of the UK - Brexit. The answer is simple, get the legislation passed to take it back to the people in a final say referendum.

“Today will be full of bluff an bluster. But big problems need big solutions and we are just not going to get them.

“On the environment, inequality or the constitution, Plaid Cymru are offering up solutions, but Westminster will continue to ignore Wales. That is why we need the powers to do the job ourselves.”


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