Plaid Cymru official response to the Tawel Fan report


Plaid Cymru's official response to the report published on Tawel Fan today. 

Responding to the Tawel Fan report, Rhun ap Iorwerth AM and Plaid Cymru shadow cabinet secretary for health and well-being said,

 “This is a damning report about failings in standards of care. Although dismissing the accusation of Institutional abuse and neglect, it is clear that what happened could and should have been avoided. The Welsh Government must now take full responsibility for implementing the recommendations for change with real urgency. Vulnerable people in our society deserve nothing less."

Llyr Gruffydd, North Wales Plaid Cymru AM said: 

“Doctors and nurses face being struck off if they make mistakes in their work. Why aren’t the same standards applied to senior managers? This reaffirms our call for professional accountability of NHS management.”

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