Plaid Cymru continues to stand with WASPI Women


The fight is far from over, Helen Mary Jones and Ben Lake

Reacting to the High Courts’ rejection of the case brought by WASPI campaigners, seeking to stop the rise in the state pension age for women, Plaid Cymru’s Ben Lake MP and Helen Mary Jones AM said:

“We share the disappointment of the campaigners and thousands of WASPI women facing this deeply unfair pension policy.

“The fight, however, is far from over for 1950s women campaigning for justice.

“Plaid Cymru will work with WASPI campaigners to look at every route possible to overturn this deeply unfair law, in Cardiff and in Westminster.

“As a first step, the Westminster Conservative Government must undertake an impact assessment, confirming what we know – 1950s women are being short changed.

“It’s clear that the Westminster government cannot be trusted to deliver for our pensioners.”

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