Plaid Cymru congratulates the "stars of Wales’ future" as Wales outperforms England and northern Ireland with A* grades


Plaid Cymru have hailed young people as Wales sees its best ever A* A Level results since 2010.

Students received their A Level results today in Wales, England and Northern Ireland with the results revealing that the proportion of students in Wales getting A* was at its highest since the grade was introduced in 2010.

Wales also outperformed all regions of northern Ireland and England at the A* grade.

Commenting on the Welsh results, Bethan Sayed AM, Plaid Cymru's shadow minister for post 16 education and skills said,

“These incredible results prove that Wales has in its young people and abundance of potential, talent and skill and I pay tribute to each and every student for their hard work and to all the staff and school teachers for their tireless effort in ensuring our young people achieve their goals.

“This will be a day to remember for young people across the country and I offer my warmest congratulations to everyone who's reached this milestone. It's important to look forward to what's next – be it a career, an apprenticeship or a university degree. As the future of our country, all young people have and will continue to contribute to a brighter and better future for Wales."

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