Plaid Cymru candidate to young people: register to vote and young people can win this election


“We can only Make Wales Matter if we’re registered to vote” – Carmen Smith

Plaid Cymru candidate for the European Parliament election, Carmen Smith has called on young people across Wales to make sure they’re registered to vote by Tuesday 7 May so that they can make their voices heard and make Wales matter in the 23 May poll.

Carmen Smith, 23, is the youngest candidate standing in the European election in Wales, and is thought to be one of the youngest candidates of any party standing throughout the UK.

In a direct appeal to young people in Wales, Carmen Smith said:

“Young people feel desperately let down by a Westminster establishment that is deeply out of touch with us.

“We didn't vote for this mess. In fact, we know that around three quarters of all students in the UK voted Remain in the 2016 referendum.

“Today we find ourselves in this terrifying Brexit limbo, facing the very real prospect of our futures being irreversibly changed. This is Westminster's doing, not ours.”

Urging young people to register to vote before the deadline this Tuesday, 7 May, Carmen Smith added:

“The Vote For Your Future campaign has claimed that one in three young people are not registered to vote.

“The challenge for young people and students now is to turn the frustration we feel at this Brexit mess into a message at the ballot box.

“Young people can win this election. We can make Wales matter, but we can only do that if we’re registered to vote.”

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