Plaid Cymru calls for Welsh national cricket team by 2020


On the final day of the ICC Cricket World Cup, Plaid Cymru called for a Welsh national team to be established in time for the 2020 season, which begins in April next year. 

Cricket fan and long-time campaigner on the issue Jonathan Edwards MP highlighted the fact that Wales is now the only nation on the British Isles not to have a national team.

He was speaking as the England team – which ostensibly represents Wales – faced off against New Zealand at the World Cup final at Lord’s on Sunday.

Commenting, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP, Jonathan Edwards said: 

“The greatest honour in any sport is to play for your national team – Welsh cricket players are denied that opportunity. In fact, Welsh cricketers are the only people in the British Isles who are denied this opportunity. 

“The Scottish and Irish national teams are well-established with full test status and yet, when it comes to Welsh cricket, it’s still a case of ‘for Wales, see England’.

“One of the most powerful tools for encouraging youth cricket in Wales would be to have a national cricket team that young people the length and breadth of the country could aspire to and find role models in.

“Over the past few years, moments of sporting magic have brought Wales together as a nation. Why not add cricket to those national moments of celebration sport creates?

“We have a Welsh rugby team, football team, basketball team, even a national lacrosse team. In cricket, however, we are still incorporated into England. That surely can’t be right.”

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