Plaid Cymru accuses Welsh Government of “ratcheting up” the hostile environment towards migrants


The Welsh Government’s newly released Brexit policy, A Brighter Future for Wales, would reinvigorate the hostile environment towards migrants, according to Plaid Cymru.

The policy contains a swathe of harsh restrictions on migration that the government says are aimed at assuaging the “unfounded” concerns of Leave voters around migration.

Among the policy proposals in the document are the tracking of migrants through National Insurance, summary deportations of migrants who have not found work, and even mention of introducing national identity cards.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM said that the policy means that the Welsh Government now advocates a “ratcheting up of the hostile environment”.

The policy also suggests scrapping CAP basic payments to Welsh farmers and provides no guarantee the Welsh Government would refuse to implement NHS privatisation in Wales.

Mr Price added that the Labour Welsh Government has displayed “staggering hypocrisy” by publishing a policy that would curtail freedom of movement only a day after the Labour party conference voted to ‘maintain and extend’ freedom of movement.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM said:

“Just one day after the Labour party conference supposedly committed itself to maintaining and extending freedom of movement, the Labour-led Welsh Government publishes a document which includes, among other draconian measures, mention of national ID cards. The hypocrisy of it is staggering.

“The document they have published is littered with phrases like ‘benefit tourism’ and ‘weak border controls’. You simply cannot on the one hand claim to want a ‘brighter future’ for Wales, and on the other hand advocate the curtailing of civil liberties and summary deportations.

“And on top of all this, they still plan to scrap CAP basic payments to farmers, which would have devastating consequences for our agriculture industry, they don’t rule out implementing the privatisation of the NHS if it were on the table in a trade deal with the US, and they claim the so-called intergovernmental agreement – which has seen Westminster try to take powers away from our Senedd – is ‘working well’. I’m afraid they’re living in a fantasy world.

“Their vision for a brighter future represents a bleak version of the sort of country Wales could become through the ratcheting up of the hostile environment.

“Plaid Cymru stands completely opposed to a crash out Brexit, which is why we want to put the whole question back to the people so that we can draw a line under this sorry affair once and for all.

“And unlike this Welsh Government, our vision for our nation’s future is to be prosperous, fair, and outward-looking. Indeed, our brightest possible future lies in independence at the heart of Europe.”

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