Plaid to explore 'penny for health and social care' policy – Adam Price AM


Plaid Cymru's Shadow Economy Secretary, Adam Price will use his speech to party conference to announce that Plaid will explore the prospect of a dedicated health and social care levy - a one pence increase in the basic rate of income tax.

This will be part of a wide ranging consultation on the use of new tax powers and will include analysing similar proposals for schools and skills, doing both, or recommending no change.

Mr Price stated that even without a change in tax rates, devolved tax powers would already bring more accountability to how the Welsh Government spends public money.

Plaid Cymru's Shadow Economy Secretary, Adam Price, said:

"Given the state of underinvestment in our core public services, we are increasingly coming to the view that bringing health and education in Wales up will require sustained new and increased investment.

"We want to ask the Welsh people whether collectively, we should take the decision to invest more today to create the better tomorrow that we all want to see.

"A pot dedicated for health and social care could fund the integration of health and social care.

"The need for increased investment in social care is particularly crucial given the cut in local authority budgets over recent years by the Labour Welsh Government.

"Plaid Cymru will be the first political party in Wales to actively consider increasing income tax to transform public services.  We want to kick start a mature debate today."

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