‘Peace must prosper’, Leanne Wood


On Remembrance Sunday, Leanne Wood, pays her respects to all those who have lost their lives in wars and conflicts.

Ms Wood also noted the significance of the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele. The First World War Battle, which took place one hundred years ago, also known as the Third Battle of Ypres, was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the War and saw 4,000 Welsh soldiers killed or injured. Among those killed was the poet Hedd Wyn.

Paying her respects ahead of the commemorations, Leanne Wood said:

“Across Wales we will be remembering servicemen and women, both past and present. 

“War continues to plague many people and nations across the world. This generation of political leaders haS failed to ensure that the suffering of past wars is never seen again.

“Once again today, societies, including our own, risk facing the spectre of fascism and xenophobia. Thousands gave their lives in an attempt to rid us of it, yet we are failing to learn those lessons. This scourge must never take hold of our communities again.

 “It is poignant as this year marks the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele. One hundred years ago, this three-month battle saw the end of thousands of young Welsh lives.

“Every village, town and city had sons, brothers and fathers who went away to war and did not return to their homes or their families. 

"It is imperative that today we redouble our efforts to work towards ensuring peace, safety and security for the future. This is the greatest respect we can show those who have lost their lives in past conflicts."

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