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Since 2010 Welsh nurses, NHS staff and workers across our public sector have been forced to take cuts of up to 14% in their real term wages as a result of the pay cap. Sign alongside Leanne Wood in her letter to the First Minister calling on his Labour government to scrap its NHS pay cap. 

You can read the letter and sign alongside Leanne below to show your support for our NHS workers. Please share the letter on social media using #ScrapTheCap


Dear First Minister, 

Pay our NHS workers a fair wage – Scrap the Labour government’s public sector pay cap 

The decision to lift the NHS pay cap is down to the discretion of the Welsh Labour Government. Since 2010 Welsh nurses, NHS staff and workers across our public sector have been forced to take cuts of up to 14% in their real term wages as a result of the pay cap. The Welsh Government must now do right by our NHS workers and give them the pay rise they deserve. 

Page 65 of the 2017 Labour election manifesto for Wales states: 

“Labour will scrap the NHS pay cap, put pay decisions back into the hands of the independent pay review body and give our NHS workers the pay they deserve.”

The Labour Government in Wales has the power to do exactly this now. By choosing not to give our NHS staff a pay rise you are either breaking a manifesto commitment or you wilfully misrepresented your policies during the recent election. 

Devolution enables us to choose a different way, to follow a legislative path that diverges from Westminster - a ‘Welsh way’.  Isn't it now time to stand up to Westminster’s austerity agenda, instead of unquestioningly implementing it?

I implore you to use the tools devolution has given us to choose to lift the NHS pay cap. 

Westminster’s cuts have no doubt made conditions difficult. But, it is your government that is responsible for negotiating budgets with Westminster. It is your government that accepts what Westminster gives Wales. It is your government that is responsible for the commitments made in your manifesto.

If your government is not strong enough to stand up to Westminster on behalf of people in Wales you should be prepared to admit it. You have an obligation to come clean and explain to people why Labour has failed to get a good deal for Wales. 

The Scottish Government has already committed to ending the pay cap across the entire Scottish public sector. Why has your government failed to take even the first step in ameliorating the pressure put on public sector workers? 

Plaid Cymru wants to see you go further that your commitment to NHS staff, we want you to look to lift the pay cap across the public sector to ensure the workers that form the backbone of our precious public services we all rely on get the pay rise they deserve. 

As a first step to ending the pay cap in its entirety, you must now follow through on your own commitment to end the pay cap in the Welsh NHS. 

The undersigned call for an end to your government’s commitment to austerity and the Welsh NHS pay cap. 

Dros Gymru, 


Leanne Wood 

Leader, Plaid Cymru

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