Paul Rowlinson

Candidate for Delyn constituency and North Wales region (no. 4)

Paul Rowlinson - DelynPaul Rowlinson - North Wales (4)


Tell us about yourself

Born in Cheshire, I worked in the chemical industry in Germany before coming to Wales to train as a teacher at Bangor University and St Richard Gwyn High School, Flint. I later worked in housing and local government finance and then as a freelance translator across north Wales. I live in Bethesda and serve on Gwynedd Council, where I chair the Education and Economy Scrutiny Committee. I am married with three children. I volunteer as a street pastor and help to run a community hydroelectric scheme to reduce the local carbon footprint and benefit the community.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

We will have to tackle several crises simultaneously. Dealing with the pandemic will obviously be the first task and then transforming and investing in our health and care services so that they can provide the care needed for everyone waiting for treatment. At the same time we must decarbonise and tackle the climate crisis. We now know that the next ten years are critical. This will require a green industrial revolution, which in turn will help to create the sustainable jobs and businesses we need, by building our strengths as a nation. To meet these huge challenges we face, we must take the powers we need away from Westminster and be able to take responsibility for our future as an independent nation.

What will you do for Delyn / North Wales if elected?

I will ensure that Delyn, Flintshire and north Wales receive the attention we deserve from the Welsh Government. This means providing the best possible education and well-paid job opportunities for our young people, supporting our manufacturing industries in the new post-Brexit environment and eradicating poverty. It means investing in renewable energy, transport, digital technology and warm, affordable homes. I will work across party lines, both locally and in the Senedd, to ensure that the people in Delyn can thrive and that the public services we rely on are of the best quality possible.