"Welsh Government must command respect of new PM" - Leanne Wood


Speaking ahead of Theresa May's visit to Wales, Leanne Wood has called on the Welsh Government to seek the best possible outcome for Wales, as the UK undertakes withdrawal from the EU.

The Prime Minister is expected to meet the First Minister today to discuss the future of the Union, withdrawal from the EU, and the steel industry.

Plaid Cymru's demands over EU withdrawal are that the "vow" made to Wales during the referendum campaign- for all of Wales' EU funding to be replaced- should be honoured, that an independent assessment should be undertaken of the best trade deal for the Welsh economy, and that in the event of Scotland becoming independent, Wales should be allowed to decide its own future.

Leanne Wood AM commented:

"It is positive to see the new Prime Minister coming to Wales. The Welsh First Minister should make it clear to her that Wales has specific interests which need to be represented during any negotiations over leaving the EU.

"We have seen Scotland securing a much better deal than Wales from Westminster thanks to the strength of the Scottish Government. It's vital the the Welsh Government now commands the respect of the new Prime Minister in the same way - something it has failed to do in recent years leaving us with a weak settlement.

"Plaid Cymru wants every penny of EU funding replaced in the value, and to secure the best possible trade deal for the Welsh economy. We are developing a National Mitigation Plan as a party, which will set out exactly what is needed for Wales to be protected from any adverse effects from Brexit.

"In the short-term, we also need Wales to get the same powers as the Scottish Parliament currently has. In the event of Scotland becoming an independent country within the EU, we in Wales should also be allowed to decide our own future and explore our own constitutional options as well."

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