Plaid Cymru criticises 'fork-tongued' Owen Smith


Plaid Cymru has responded to the launch of the latest Labour leadership coup candidate’s campaign describing Owen Smith as ‘fork-tongued’.

Commenting on the launch of Owen Smith’s campaign, Plaid Cymru MP, Jonathan Edwards said:

“While the so-called official opposition continues to tear itself apart with their public campaign against itself, it is fitting that the latest person to try to oust their leader is Owen Smith - the one man they can rely on to put party before country.

“An expert in judging his audience - a former CND member one day, and a man who is prepared to “annihilate millions of people” with a nuclear weapon the next. A man who believes austerity is a “completely self-defeating economic strategy” on one day, and a man who votes in favour of the Tories’ £30 billion austerity package the next. One nation Labour really has two faces.

“Having consistently voted against empowering the people of Wales and the Welsh Parliament however, the people of Wales can at least know for sure that fork-tongued Owen Smith will always vote against the Welsh national interest.”

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