The next generation will have it better than the last


Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Education Minister has declared that the next generation will have more support, more opportunity, and more chance of reaching their potential than the last, under a Party of Wales government.

Simon Thomas said that Plaid Cymru’s plans to deliver an unprecedented package of support to young people would open the doors they need to succeed.

The Party of Wales is proposing to give every child access to education from the age of three, to promote expertise amongst the teaching sector, and to support young people as they enter into Higher Education and into the world of work by writing off the tuition fees of students who work in Wales after graduation and by creating 50,000 extra apprenticeships in Wales for those who want to take a vocational route.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Education Minister Simon Thomas said:

“Plaid Cymru will give every child every chance of success. Our unprecedented package of proposals will give young people the support they need every step of the way from cradle to career.

“Youth unemployment in Wales stands at almost 17.5%, significantly higher than the UK average and without a focused effort from government our young people will continue to miss out.

“Under a Party of Wales government young people will have the support they need to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

“Plaid Cymru will ensure that the next generation will have it better than the last. But for that to happen we need a government that can deliver on that vision for Wales. Plaid Cymru is the change Wales needs.”

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