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Leader: “Implement recommendations to mitigate the effects of the bedroom tax”


Plaid calls on government to implement report’s findings for the benefit of 40,000 claimants

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has called on the Welsh Government to step up its efforts to help families who face the devastating effects of the so-called “bedroom tax”. She quoted the shadow Secretary of State for Wales’ who said that “It is particularly worrying that living standards in Wales have fallen more than the rest of the UK” and called on the First Minister to do much more to provide a shield to the people of Wales who are going to lose out because of UK Government cuts.

Leanne Wood called on the First Minister to implement the recommendations of the Cuts Watch Cymru Housing Action report which was published last week, which would reduce the impact of the cuts upon individuals and families.

The Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said:

“We have heard a lot from Labour about ‘standing up for Wales’, but the evidence shows they are failing to do so. In a few weeks time, forty thousand families in Wales will be forced to pay extra rent or move out.

The ‘bedroom tax’ and other changes to social security will worsen the situation of the many people who are already skipping meals and unable to make ends meet. This is a cynical and cruel policy from the UK Government and that is why the Party of Wales is urging the Welsh Government to take the action that is within its power.

“The Cuts Watch Cymru report recommends that the Welsh Government ensures that advice services are properly funded to deal with the impact of many complicated changes. It also recommends that local government use their discretionary housing payments to present disruption as much as possible. These are simple actions that could give the families at risk of losing their benefits and their homes somewhere to turn.”