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Plaid Cymru responds to LHB bailout


Responding to the Health Minister’s announcement this morning that Welsh health boards are to be awarded a £82 million bailout, the Party of Wales Shadow Health Minister Elin Jones AM said:

“It seems we’ve been here before. This £82 million bailout comes after repeated assurances given to us by the Minister that Health Boards would break even. The Minister also told the committee that three Health Boards may be allowed more at the end of the year through brokerage. It shows that the government has simply not got a grip on the health service. On each occasion we are told that this is the last bailout, and Health Boards will come in on budget, and this usually proves not to be the case. This time, the Minister has raided the capital budget to pay for this, despite the fact sometimes capital projects can save money and are important for economic regeneration.

“It’s becoming clear that there is a lack of financial planning and robust financial management as well, which will inevitable effect frontline services. One basic step that a Party of Wales Government would take is to make Health Boards directly accountable to the Assembly Health Committee for their spending . We would establish a system of regular monitoring to ensure that finances are not allowed to spiral out of control anymore. Above all we would ensure that Wales had a Health Minister that takes responsibility for the Health Service rather than leave everything in the hands of Health Boards.”