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Plaid welcome green light for rail electrification


Plaid Cymru's Transport spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP, has welcomed proposals to electrify the Valleys Lines rail network, claiming that the long-overdue investment will revolutionise Wales' transport system.

Mr Edwards said:

“ITheelectrification of the whole Valleys Lines network, including to Swansea, is excellent news, coming as a result of the foundations laid by Ieuan Wyn Jones when he was Transport Minister at the Assembly and the cross-party support for these improvements.

“However, this will only mean that we have caught up with our rightful position, not taken any advantage.

“Wales has waited far too long for projects such as these to be announced and there has never been a good reason why London has delayed.

“Electrification will make our transport network cheaper, greener and more efficient, and we must make sure that those benefits are available not just in south Wales, but in west Wales, mid Wales and north Wales as well.

“If Wales gets its fair share, £1.9bn, from the £33bn being spent on High Speed 2 in England then we can revolutionise our transport system in Wales.”