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Wales Bill must be brought up to date

Leanne Wood argues for Wales to have same level of competence as other devolves legislatures, as future of the UK “is in flux”

Leanne Wood Calls for Nation to Have its Chance to Say ‘Diolch’ to the Welsh Football Side

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has called for the Welsh football team to take an open-top tour of the country after their achievements in the European Championships.

Leanne Wood calls for Assembly agreement on Wales EU negotiations

Wales’ exit from the EU is not a matter for the Welsh Government alone

Gove’s “Robust Union” Claims Must not Mean Land-Grab on Wales

Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Economy Adam Price has warned that the next Tory leader must not interpret the vote to withdraw from the European Union as an opportunity for a land-grab on Wales’ powers.

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25 Jul 2016
Jonathan Edwards: Brexit is a Welsh constitutional crisis in the making

Following the referendum result one of the major considerations has been the impact of the result on the future of the

01 Jul 2016
Dafydd Wigley: We must honour the Brexit vote - now let’s see the small print.

What a week! Britian is poorer today than it was last Thursday.

18 Jun 2016
Leanne Wood: Leave want to lead voters to the ballot box blindfolded

The paradox of the current debate surrounding the UK’s membership of the European Union is one of deafening noise and

09 Jun 2016
Dafydd Wigley: our vote on Europe will define our children’s world

This week’s YouGov opinion poll has both sides in the EU campaign in Wales tied at 41% support.

08 Jun 2016
Dafydd Wigley: Fixed term Parliament means new PM without election?

Regular readers know my stance on the referendum: I want Wales and Britain to remain in the EU.

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