This is Wales’ change election


As Leanne Wood prepares for her final televised debate ahead of the election on the 5th of May, she has declared that this is Wales’ change election.

She told the people of Wales that this election is about solutions, not problems. Only Plaid Cymru has the solutions to drive down NHS waiting times, close Wales’ wealth gap, and raise educational attainment levels, she said.

Leanne Wood said that across Wales, people know that we cannot have another five years of Labour rule, and only Plaid Cymru can deliver the change Wales needs.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“This is Wales’ change election. People know that we cannot continue with another five years of problems in our public services under a Labour government. It’s time for a party that can deliver solutions, not problems.

“With Plaid Cymru rising in the polls, and the Conservatives slipping behind in 3rd place, only Plaid Cymru can offer a direct challenge to the Labour party.

“This election is a chance for us to put forward solutions to the challenges we face. Plaid Cymru’s fully costed and independently verified manifesto is a programme for government that will deliver a well, well-educated and wealthier Wales.

“This election is a golden opportunity for people to put their faith Wales, and vote for Plaid Cymru. Only Plaid Cymru can deliver the change Wales needs.”

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