MPs must now realise need for revocation safety net, Plaid Cymru


Liz Saville Roberts MP, Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Leader, has said that MPs must now realise that revoking Article 50 in the event of a ‘no deal’ becoming inevitable is the best route forward.

Ms Saville Roberts made her comments following a second round of ‘indicative votes’ in the House of Commons on different Brexit options. None of the options put to MPs secured a majority.

Plaid Cymru backed efforts to deliver a People’s Vote, membership of the Single Market and Customs Union (known as Common Market 2.0), and the revocation of Article 50 in the event of a ‘No Deal’.

The Plaid Cymru Westminster leader also criticised the Labour frontbench, who did not back the revoke Article 50 ‘safety net’ motion. 24 Labour MPs also voted against a motion that would have been the first step in delivering a People’s Vote. If they had backed it, the motion would have passed.

Liz Saville Roberts MP said:

“The broken Westminster system is continuing to fail the people it’s meant to represent. With eleven days before we crash out of the EU, MPs must now realise we need the safety net of cancelling Brexit.

“By forcing their MPs to vote against the Article 50 revocation ‘safety net’, the Labour party helped the Tories increase the chances of a disastrous ‘no deal’ exit. They must now realise the error of their ways and help us put in place the insurance policy of stopping Brexit altogether if, in the next few days, a ‘no deal’ exit looks inevitable.  

“I also must express my disappointment with the 24 Labour MPs who voted against a People’s Vote. They made the difference, they stopped a People’s Vote being delivered tonight. If they had backed it, as is supposedly their party’s policy, we would be looking at a very different route forward.

“Instead it looks like we are confined to repeating this process again, as the broken politics of Westminster continues to deliver disappointment for all.”

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