Westminster blocks devolution of natural resources


Responding to the vote on devolving powers over natural resources to Wales, Plaid Cymru’s Energy spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP said:


“I am dismayed at the fact that the Westminster establishment is so intent on preventing Wales from growing, on preventing the people of Wales from taking advantage of our own natural resources, that it is willing to be so blatant as to explicitly vote to keep Welsh natural resources in the hands of Westminster politicians.

“Our natural resources are crucial to our prosperity. Second only to our people, they are our most valuable assets, and Westminster is telling us that we have no right to use them to our advantage – that we must allow Westminster to do as they please with our resources while the people of Wales are desperately struggling to pay their energy bills.

“It’s easy for Westminster politicians to tell the people of Wales that we’re too poor and too small while they happily take advantage of our wealth of natural resources and do everything they can to make sure they keep control over those resources in Westminster.

“I am tired of seeing the Labour Party say that they will support us on devolution, and then watching them sit on their hands, vote with the Tories or worse, abstain from voting at all.

“Tonight they decided to abstain on our amendment to remove the UK Government’s veto over anything the Welsh Government does that might affect water quality or supply in England.

“Until Wales takes control over its future, we will never be allowed to prosper, and for as long as Wales is represented by Westminster parties, Westminster will never act in Wales’ interests.”

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