May and Corbyn are the ultimate April fools, Jonathan Edwards MP


Ahead of a critical week in Parliament, Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards, has criticised both Labour and Conservatives for their roles in creating the current Brexit impasse.

Mr Edwards slammed both Westminster parties for voting to start the EU exit process despite warnings at the time from Plaid Cymru that their approaches would lead to chaos. Article 50 was triggered two years ago on Saturday (30 March).

On April Fool’s day, Mr Edwards said that after “most chaotic March in memory”, May and Corbyn were the “the ultimate April fools.”

Ahead of Monday’s second round of indicative votes, Plaid Cymru will again be reaching out to MPs across the political divide to try and find a solution to the Brexit impasse in Parliament. In particular they will be seeking to find a formulation of a People’s Vote, that could command a majority in the House of Commons.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Two years ago, just before both Labour and Conservatives voted to begin the Article 50 process, I warned that triggering it without a plan would go down in history as one of the most devastating acts of negligence since the Charge of the Light Brigade.

“The leaders of the two biggest parties both ignored our warnings and short-sightedly whipped their MPs to take a leap in to the Brexit abyss. Both parties were clouded by an obsession with chasing the Leave vote above all else and couldn’t see the contradictions in their promises.

“The vanity and incompetence that I warned of then has now caused the worst breakdown of British politics in my lifetime. And it’s far from over.

“Both Corbyn and May have taken the people of Wales for fools, but after the most chaotic March in memory, they are the ultimate April fools.”

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