Foreign Affairs and Defence

Plaid Cymru believes that Wales should be a sovereign independent nation, and a member of the United Nations, taking on the role and responsibilities of that membership.

We believe that Wales would be best served by re-joining the European Union at an appropriate point in time, recognising the failure of Brexit.

In the meantime, the UK should join the European Single Market and Customs Union as soon as practical. Wales should be enabled to participate in pan-European programmes, supporting our university and creative sectors in particular, and allowing the Freedom of Movement which has been damagingly denied since leaving the European Union.

Until then, the Welsh Government should participate fully in the structures governing the current EU-UK relationship, under the Withdrawal and Trade and Co-operation Agreements. Wales should be at the table whenever decisions are made about and for us.

Plaid Cymru continues to support our sister-parties in the European Free Alliance across a range of European countries and support the right for self-determination for people across the world, to be achieved through non-violent and democratic means.

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