Mark Drakeford’s second referendum promise “lacks credibility”


Labour MPs undermine FM’s pro-second referendum comments

Jonathan Edwards MP, has questioned whether the Labour Leader in Wales has any influence over his MPs, pointing to their voting record on a second referendum, despite Mark Drakeford saying he was supportive.

First Minister Drakeford, who is the Leader of the Labour Party in Wales, said yesterday (21 August) that the Welsh Government would campaign for ‘Remain’ in any future EU referendum.

However, a number of Labour MPs representing Welsh constituencies have failed to support a second referendum in votes at Westminster.

Mr Edwards pointed the record of Deputy Leader of Labour in Wales, Carolyn Harris, who has not supported a referendum, even when Labour decided to back an amendment calling for one during the indicative votes process in the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn also said this week that Labour would not necessarily support ‘Remain’ in a referendum.

Jonathan Edwards MP, said:

“The First Minister’s comments lack serious credibility when his own MPs do not back a fresh referendum. 

“His own Deputy has consistently refused to back one and his Leader in London continues to flip-flop on the matter.

 “We are facing a disastrous No Deal crash out of the EU and the Labour party’s divided and confused position is only helping Boris Johnson.

 “We need more than just empty words from the Labour leadership.”

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