Wales, it's us.

A vote for Plaid Cymru in the General Election on 12 December will be a vote for Wales to stay inside the European Union and build a prosperous future.

Westminster does not work for Wales. As Wales’ leading party of Remain, Plaid Cymru is united in its aim of ensuring Wales remains a member of the European Union.

We are campaigning to give the decision back to the people in a referendum.

In this election Plaid Cymru is campaigning for policies that will directly improve the lives of Welsh families, tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis, boost our economy, schools and health service, provide free personal care for older people, and lift 50,000 Welsh children out of poverty.

All these plans will be much more difficult to put into action if Wales is dragged out of the EU by a hard-right wing Westminster government.

While Westminster politicians are deadlocked over Brexit, Wales is being left behind. It’s time for change in Wales.

It’s time to vote Plaid Cymru.