10 things you may have missed from Plaid Cymru’s manifesto launch

Yesterday Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price launched Plaid Cymru’s most ambitious plan yet to transform Wales. Here's what you may have missed...

1. Jobs are going Green 

Plaid Cymru would issue in a new era in the Welsh energy industry with a green jobs revolution, creating tens of thousands of new jobs across Wales. This would be coupled with a national Welsh energy company responsible for the management and distribution of this energy.

2. From north to south - an electric train network 

Under Labour, the train networks across Wales have been a disaster - from scheduling catastrophes to trains being outright cancelled. Plaid will fix this by finally electrifying all main railways in Wales - from the South Wales rail network to the North Wales rail network, allowing for faster, cleaner and safer travel across all of Wales. We would also re-open the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth railway line and finally connect communities in Wales from north to south.

3. Cradle to grave care

From free childcare for ages 1-3, to free social care at the point of need, Plaid Cymru has a vision of everyone being provided with the help and support they need, regardless of age or income. 

4. Lifting 50,000 children out of poverty

Across Wales 200,000 children grow up in poverty. Plaid purpose to combat this with a weekly payment of £35 for low-income families. This would immediately lift 50,000 children out of poverty, providing the necessary provisions for children across Wales to have a safe, happy childhood. We'd also demand power over welfare controls to scrap things like the bedroom tax and protect people of Wales from the cruelest Tory cuts to welfare.

5. Education across the nation 

Our schools are suffering from serious underfunding. Plaid Cymru would invest an extra £300m for our schools and colleges to give our children the best start in life.

6. Proper policing

Plaid Cymru proposes hiring an additional 1,600 police officers, that’s two for every community in Wales. This would ensure that communities throughout Wales would be provided with the resources they need to adequately tackle crime. We would also address racial inequality within the justice system and ensure heinous and hate crimes are tackled.

7. Hooray for housing

Both Labour and the Tories have completely failed to provide adequate housing for Wales, with Labour building a mere 59 houses in Wales last year, and the Conservative starter homes scheme delivering absolutely zero properties. Plaid aims to build 20,000 green homes throughout Wales, in addition to providing a £25 tax credit for those spending over 30% of their income on housing. We would also implement Housing First and the Crisis report to eradicate homelessness for good. 

8.  Pension justice

Plaid Cymru would right the historic injustice of denying our citizens their pensions. WASPI women deserve compensation for the pensions that were denied them – as are our miners.

We would also protect benefits given to pensioners and maintain the triple lock on state pensions.

9. Our European future

We will end Westminster's Brexit chaos by giving the decision back to the people with a Final Say referendum in which Plaid Cymru will campaign to remain in the EU.

10. Wales, it's us

Finally, we've established a commission to look at how Wales can become independent in the next decade... the future? It's us.


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