Dafydd Wigley seeks Lords support for devolution of policing


Plaid Cymru peer, Dafydd Wigley, will today urge the House of Lords to support his amendment to devolve policing to Wales.

Transferring responsibility over policing to Wales could lead to a £25 million boost to their finances, and the former leader of Plaid Cymru will today push an amendment to the Wales Bill in the House of Lords.

Dafydd Wigley will highlight that all three main parties in Wales – Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives – have all recognised the benefits of devolving Policing, and the cross-party Silk Commission recommended devolution, back in 2014.

In pushing his amendment later, Dafydd Wigley will say:

“I see no reason whatsoever why Welsh police priorities should be dictated by the UK Parliament and not the Welsh Parliament—the National Assembly. Policing is devolved to Scotland and Northern Ireland, so why not Wales? What is it that makes Wales an exception?

“All four of Wales’ Police and Crime Commissioners, the Welsh Government, the official opposition in Wales and even the Welsh Conservatives have expressed support for the devolution of policing, but the UK Government is intent on keeping Welsh police forces in the hands of Whitehall civil servants.

“The Silk commission was established by the Tories and comprised all four main political parties in Wales, including the Conservative party. Its members spent two years consulting the public, civil society, academia and industry experts on the powers necessary to empower and strengthen Wales.

“It received written evidence, heard oral evidence and visited every corner of Wales. It heard evidence from the police themselves and from the Police Federation calling for the devolution of policing, and the report recommended accordingly.

“We now also have figures that show that if policing was devolved, the Welsh Police Forces could be £25 million a year better off, improving public safety.

“The UK Government is arguing against the evidence, and I hope that they will see sense and support my amendment.”

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